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36 years+ Pizzaiolo /Owner/Chef - Host of The PizzaMAN Podcast on Itunes, President of #PopThatTab Fredi The PizzaMan Charity Golf Outing to support schools/Family's with Autistic children. I've been making Pizza since the age of 11, It's crazy to think I've made over half a million Pizzas and still Going strong. I Love every single Pizza I make, always feel as i'm making my first, its an art and passion. New York Slices and Goulash NOW have become a HUGE passion of mine. My Greatest work is being a Husband/ Father to 3 kids, I have Great Passion for my Faith, my work, everything I put my mind to and carrying it out with passion, I love serving others, meeting and getting to know people is a HUGE passion as well. My hobby is Work, then maybe some golf after.

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